Tom Brady Reacts to George Floyd's Death With Multiple Social Media Posts

Tom Brady has reacted to the death of George Floyd with a couple of posts on social media. Over the weekend, Brady went to Instagram to post a graphic of Floyd with the hashtag #JUSTICEFORFLOYD underneath. Brady also shared a letter about racial and social injustice from the Players Coalition, which addresses police officers, prosecutors and mayors for holding more accountability.

The letter from the Players Coalition not only talks about the death of Floyd, but it also touches on the death of black people killed by officers over the last few years. The letter starts off mentioning a cycle of a black person being killed by police, which is followed by people tweeting about it, praying, mourning and the same process starts over not too long after. "We cannot bring George Floyd or Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile or Tamir Rice, or any of the others that have lost their lives as a result of police brutality," the letter states. "But we can fight for a better future, for transformation and accountability in policing, to honor their memories. This is a moral imperative, necessary to end generations of trauma inflicted on communities."

This isn't the first time Brady has spoken out on racial and social injustice. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback also signed a letter from the Players Coalition to Attorney General William Barr for the death of Ahmaud Arbery, who was killed by two white men in Brunswick, Georgia in February. "It just goes to show that people are tired of (the injustice) happening," Anquan Boldin, the former receiver who co-founded the Coalition, said on ESPN's First Take via USA Today. "We've seen it over and over again, and far too long, we’ve allowed it to go on and not speak out about it. So, to have someone like Tom Brady sign the letter, it was very significant."

Brady is one of the hundreds of athletes and coaches who have spoken out on Floyd's death. Floyd was killed in Minneapolis Minnesota last week after one officer had his knee on his neck while on the ground handcuffed. It led to a national outcry with protests and riots across the country.