Tom Brady Offers Controversial Take on Coronavirus

There is rising concern over the coronavirus and how it will affect sporting events and everyday life. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady recently shared some opinions on the situation in his Instagram Story. His goal was to provide some "perspective" on the number of citizens that have died from coronavirus.

Brady posted a series of numbers on social media which listed the numbers of people that died from various causes. Among these were cancer, heart disease, suicide, diabetes, mosquitoes, and snakes. As Brady wrote, 26,283 people died of cancer the same day that 108 died from the coronavirus. Additionally, 24,641 died from heart disease.

"Take a deep breath, and wash your hands," Brady wrote after listing the ways in which people have died in recent days. He wanted to provide perspective on the situation and the impact on society, but Brady primarily stirred up social media.

"Leave it to Tom Brady to monday morning quarterback this situation. The effort in place is to prevent this virus from killing in those numbers Tom uses. #notimpressedTom #ScienceoverTomBrady," one user wrote.

Another said that football smarts "don't translate" to real-world smarts and that the Patriots QB had better keep playing.

Following this image surfacing on social media, users reacted in a variety of ways. Some were mad at Brady for his opinion on the situation while others actually agreed with his commentary.

"I mean he's not wrong. Coronavirus just has more publicity," one user wrote on Twitter. "To this date all those diseases Brady listed have killed more than the Coronavirus right now. Additionally the common flu has killed more people in the US than the Coronavirus has in the entire world."

While there were some users on social media that disagreed with Brady and didn't want him to compare the death rate of these various causes, the majority actually appreciated his comments. They were happy that he focused on washing your hands to prevent the spread of disease.


In the time since the first case of coronavirus was reported, there have been adjustments made to sporting events. The Ivy League canceled its upcoming basketball tournaments while the NBA is preparing to play games without fans in attendance. Similarly, SXSW and other festivals have been postponed or canceled due to safety concerns.

(Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)