Tito Ortiz Hangs out With Donald Trump's Sons, Gets Invite to White House

Tito Ortiz and President Donald Trump have a long history together. And because of that, the MMA fighter got an opportunity to hang out with the president's sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., according to TMZ. Eric was the one who reached out to Tito when he heard he was in New York last week, which led to the trio having lunch at Trump Tower. Oritz was also invited to the White House and he invited the Trump brothers to his next fight against former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio on Dec. 7.

"Secret Service walked us through crowds to a private room in Trump's restaurant," Tito's rep told TMZ. "They talked fights and politics before Donald Jr. came down to join before heading off to a campaign event."

Fans had a lot to say about the meeting and it wasn't all good. One fan commented "Gross" while another fan commented, "Do these 2 goofs decide to grow beards together? I didn’t think anyone could look dumber than Don Jr....then I look at Eric." There were a few fans that loved Ortiz meeting Trump's sons with one fan saying, "Nice" while another fan saying, "Yes!"

Ortiz and Trump worked together in 2008 when Ortiz was on Trump's NBC show, Celebrity Apprentice. Ortiz's former boss, UFC president Dana White, has commented on Trump helping his organization getting to the next level, per TMZ.

Ortiz, 44, is considered one of the best fighters in MMA history. He is known for his time in UFC, winning the light heavyweight title in 2000. He would hold on to the title for three years before losing it to Randy Couture. He is also known for his rivalry with Chuck Liddell which will be featured as the next ESPN: 30 for 30 documentary film which will air on Friday.


"There has been a lot of bad blood fights. Now the UFC is kind of built on bad blood fights, and the fight game, in general, is bad blood. I don’t know that you’ll necessarily have something like this again because I don’t think the sport is going to boom as big as it did. And I think that’s what’s different about this story," Michah Brown said who is the director of Chuck and Tito via MMA Fighting.

"These guys took this sport in its infancy and made it to what it is. And I don’t think that that will ever happen again. How much higher can they really grow? That’s what’s unique about this place in time. They took something from nothing and they put it on the map and now it’s an unstoppable beast."