Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson: Celebrities' Custom Golf Carts Revealed

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning faced off with each other on Sunday during a charity golf tournament amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This quartet represented some of the biggest names in professional sports, and their golf carts made an equally strong statement. Each competitor traversed the course in custom carts bearing their logos.

CBS Sports' Amanda Balionis revealed the carts with a pre-competition video posted on Twitter. She walked behind the quartet as they warmed up on the driving range, and she showcased the designs. Brady's cart featured the TB12 logo while Woods' had TW logos in several spots. Mickelson's cart included a more subdued design with his name and silhouette. Manning, on the other hand, opted for a bright and bold design.

The two-time Super Bowl champion headed to the course in a cart emblazoned with logos from his athletic career. The plate on his seat featured the Tennessee Volunteers logo and colors while the passenger side had Indianapolis Colts branding. The driver's side, however, showcased the final years of his career with a Denver Broncos logo and No. 18.

The quartet took part in The Match: Champions for Charity at Medalist Golf Club with the goal of raising money for coronavirus relief. They were successful in the efforts, raising $20 million while providing entertainment for viewers at home. Although the fundraising efforts expanded due to some friendly wagers between names such as Russell Wilson and Brooks Koepka.

Brady struggled during the first nine holes of the match, but he secured a birdie with a 150-foot shot on the seventh hole. This followed Koepka tweeting that he would donate $100,000 through his charitable foundation if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB made par on any of the first nine holes. The professional golfer paid up and asked Brady to do it again.


Wilson, on the other hand, tweeted that he would donate 100,000 meals if any of the golfers could land their tee shot within 12 feet of the 16th hole. Mickelson, Brady and Manning all did so while landing within eight feet. Wilson ultimately donated 300,000 meals in order to pay off his bet.

Following a long afternoon of golf, Woods and Manning secured the victory over Mickelson and Brady. They drove away with bragging rights, as well as the knowledge that they raised a considerable amount of money for coronavirus relief. They also did so with jaw-dropping custom golf carts.