'The Titan Games': Boxer Claressa Shields and Ex-NFL Lineman Joe Thomas Are Tonight's Pro Titans

The third episode of The Titan Games is tonight, and it will feature two notable celebrity athletes, boxer Claressa Sheilds and former NFL star Joe Thomas. Both will be competing in the central region finals and on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Shields will look to bounce back after getting beat by Chantae McMillan in Mount Olympus while Thomas has beaten every competitor that has stepped into the arena to face him.

To say Shields getting beat in the season premiere of The Titan Games is a vast understatement. She is one of the top athletes in the world, posting a 10-0 record in the ring. She is the WBC and WBO light middleweight champion and a two-time Olympic Gold medalist. In her defense, Shields came into The Titan Games under the weather. She told PopCulture.com she was dealing with bronchitis as she arrived to compete. She didn't want to cancel because she wanted to hang out with Dwayne Johnson. Shield said Johnson is "Everything that I thought he would be." Nice, big, warm-hearted guy."

Thomas, a 10-time All-Pro offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns, was an ironman in the NFL, playing in 10,363 consecutive snaps, which is the longest streak since the NFL began counting snaps in 1999. And with the addition of him losing 50 pounds since retiring from the NFL in 2018, Thomas has been a force to be reckoned with in The Titans Games as he's one step closer to the finals where he can win $100,000. Because Thomas is a Celebrity Titan, he will donate the money to a charity of his choice if he wins. And while Thomas is making it look easy, he stressed that Mount Olympus anything but a walk in the park.

"The Mt. Olympus challenges are three and a half minutes long, and a football game is three and a half hours," Thomas said to PopCulture.com. "In that three and a half minutes, you're exerting yourself at the same level as you did over three and a half hours of the NFL. You're literally giving everything you have in your entire body in three and a half minutes. Whereas in a three and a half-hour football game, it's 60 plays of five seconds. It's spreading it out. You're giving six seconds as hard as you can, but then you rest for 45 seconds. The physical exertion and exhaustion when your down Mt. Olympus challenge is equal to finishing a football game."