Jason Kelce Considering Retirement as Philadelphia Eagles Reach Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce will consider retiring again after Super Bowl LVII. Kelce has spent his entire 12-year career with the Eagles and won a ring at Super Bowl LII. The 35-year-old has played in 176 games and is the older brother of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Kelce's decision on his future is likely to come before the new NFL year begins next month, reports ESPN. The Eagles also want to hear his decision by then. League sources told the outlet that Super Bowl LVII could be Kelce's final game.

"I know it's coming," Kelce told reporters last week. "It's getting closer and closer each day. I'm just trying to enjoy this moment now and attack that when it gets here."

Kelce has reportedly considered retiring at the end of the past few seasons. He considered it last offseason but instead chose to sign a one-year, $14 million deal with the Eagles. The contract made him the highest-paid center in the NFL. He made his sixth Pro Bowl team this year and earned his fifth first-team All-Pro selection.

The end result of Super Bowl LVII will not impact his decision. "From everything I've been told about when you know it's time to retire or not, you just know when you know, and it's going to be when you don't want to play football anymore," Kelce said. "And I don't think that winning this game is going to determine whether I want to continue playing football or not."

Super Bowl LVII has been dubbed the "Kelce Bowl," since it marks the first time brothers will play against each other in the NFL title game. Kelce's wife, Kylie Kelce, is also pregnant with their third baby girl. Kylie, 29, told PEOPLE the two have a plan if she gives birth while in Arizona to support her husband.

There will be two OBs with Kylie at State Farm Stadium, in case she goes into labor during the game. "I know they can't like practice medicine in the hospital that's out in Arizona, but they'll be my support person because Jason is of absolutely no use to me in Arizona at any time, even before game time," she said. Kylie and Kelce are also parents to daughters Wyatt, 3, and Elliotte, who turns 2 in March. Wyatt and Elliotte will stay with Kylie's parents at the game in case she has to leave.