Super Bowl 2020: NFL Fans Are Not Loving Joe Buck's Commentary to Kick off the Game

NFL fans love to hate Joe Buck almost as much as they love to root for their favorite teams. It is no different every time he calls a Super Bowl when Fox broadcasts the game. With Super Bowl LIV match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs underway on Fox, the Buck haters came out in force.

"#SuperBowl way better in Spanish," one viewer tweeted. "So very tired of listening to Joe Buck talking just to hear himself talk and Troy Aikman agreeing with everything Joe says.... and no, I don't speak Spanish."

"I wonder how many people switched to the Spanish audio that don't speak Spanish but just don't want to hear Joe Buck talk," another wrote.

"Drink every time Joe Buck says the runner 'makes a move,'" one viewer suggested.

"Joe Buck, sorry but you're nothing like your dad. Jack Buck was the fan's announcer. He would named all of the HOF'ers," another fan wrote.

Buck and NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman make up Fox's A-team for NFL broadcasts, meaning they always call the Super Bowl when it is Fox's turn. However, Buck also calls other major events for Fox, including the World Series, so his voice is almost impossible to avoid.

"It's not easy for my fragile ego," Buck told Esquire of the criticism in 2018. "My therapist is always like, 'Who cares?' Only one time have I had Twitter open when I was doing a game, and after that I took it off my phone. I said, "This is so counterproductive. I'm actually reacting to people reacting to what I'm saying, and it can't work that way."

"The only guy I see on the air who legit doesn't care what anybody thinks of him is [Charles] Barkley," Buck continued. "But for the most part, everybody wants to be liked. At some point, you can't be unrealistic about it. The only people I want to really like me are my family and the people who employ me."


Buck has called the World Series every year since 2000 and is the son of the late sportscaster Jack Buck. Fox Sports hired him in 1994.

Photo credit: Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images