Super Bowl 2020: Kansas City Chiefs Parade Draws Ire Among Residents for Traffic Issues

The fans of the Kansas City Chiefs headed downtown on Wednesday morning in preparation for the Super Bowl LIV victory parade. The expectation was that there would be 1.2 million fans in attendance for the event. This influx of people meant that traffic would be extremely heavy and the parking would be minimal, which only frustrated residents of the city.

This expectation of a backlog of traffic was met with ire from fans heading to the parade. They wanted to see Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and the other prominent members of the team celebrating this historic victory, but they weren't sure if they would be ready and willing to deal with the extra bodies.

"Because the chiefs won the Superbowl, we are having a parade here in town, only for it to be snowing, and 18 degrees," one user wrote on Twitter. "Not looking forward to all this traffic. P.S. They shut down the grade schools, so kids could attend the chiefs parade."

As one investigative reporter showed on Wednesday morning, the traffic was heavy in the pre-dawn hours as residents of Kansas City headed to the site of the parade in hopes of finding a parking spot. They wanted to be on hand for the event early but were met with thousands trying to do the same thing.

"Over a million people are expected to show up for the KC Chiefs Parade today, and I live only like an hour away. HERE COMES THE TRAFFIC!" another user added to the conversation. There were several users on Twitter discussing how the event would disrupt their work commute while others were trying to decide whether or not they would attend the parade. Yes, the victory was exciting, but would it be worth dealing with 1.2 million other people?

Some fans of the Chiefs revealed that they really wanted to attend the parade, but they didn't believe it would be worth the hassle. Instead of fighting traffic and searching for a parking spot, they would just look forward to a different event.

"after alot of thought, i'm good on the parade lol. 100's of thousands of ppl and traffic and impossible parking. I'll stick to my norm n just see the chiefs at the Training camp," one fan wrote on Wednesday morning.


Photo Credit: Kyle Rivas/Getty Images