Super Bowl 2020: Henry Cavill Just Fired off an Epic Photo in Support of the Chiefs

Henry Cavill took his love for the Kansas City Chiefs to a whole new level on Sunday morning with [...]

Henry Cavill took his love for the Kansas City Chiefs to a whole new level on Sunday morning with a new post ahead of Super Bowl LIV. The team is playing in the NFL's biggest game of the year, and British-born Cavill may be cheering loudest of all when they take the field. Apparently, so will his character from Netflix's The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia.

Cavill posted a heavily Photoshopped picture of himself in costume as Geralt on Sunday morning, complete with the long white-blond wig, the studded leather armor and the massive sword on his back. Instead of a horse, he rode on the back of a sized-up version of Cavill's real life dog, Kal. Two graphics were stamped to either side of him — the red rose of the England National Rugby Union Team and the Chiefs' logo.

"Today is a day of days, my friends, not often do I get watch my team (none other than the Kansas City Chiefs) play in the SuperBowl, AND my National Rugby team of England play our ancient rivals, France in the 6 nations tournament. In. One. Day!" Cavill wrote.

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"Because it's such an auspicious day, I thought I might bring out the big guns, a simple wild eyed selfie would not suffice," Cavill continued. "Today the Bear and I must go armoured onto the battlefield of fandom, today we must drink beverages drowned in honey to soothe our throats run ragged from roars of defiance and jubiliation alike, today, my bear... we go to war."

"C'mon England!!! Let's Gooooo Cheifs!!!" Cavill finished, tagging his teams and adding the appropriate Super Bowl and rugby hashtags. Cavil also thanked Instagram user Kushal for the fan art used in the post, affectionately referring to his steed here as "Roach-Kal."

This combine the names of Geralt's horse, Roach with the name of Cavill's dog, Kal, named after one of his other characters, Superman, a.k.a. Kal-El. Kal is a frequent sight on Cavill's Instagram, where the actor talks to him at length as if he is listening. Cavill told The Associated Press that this talkative relationship even inspired his work with the horse on the Witcher set.

"That's exactly what I was channeling when I was interacting with Roach. It was 100 percent the relationship Kal and I have," he said.

Cavill has proven himself a die-hard Chiefs fan in recent weeks, and fans are delighted. In an interview on The Rich Eisen Show, he explained that he did in fact pick the team because of his connection with Superman, raised in Kansas.

"Spending a lot of time in America, learning to enjoy football, I realized I had to choose a team," Cavill said to Eisen. "It's never wise to choose a team based on who your partner is, because what if you fall out? It's also good to have some rivalry in the house anyway. I was trying to think of something that would always stick. I figured Superman's from Kansas. I was playing Superman at the time. It just kind of made sense to me."

Super Bowl LIV starts at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox.