Ryan Newman: First Photo From Hospital Revealed Following Daytona 500 Crash

Two days after Ryan Newman's frightening wreck in the Daytona 500, he is showcasing his recovery. The Roush Fenway Twitter account posted a photo of him posing with his two daughters. Newman was shown out of bed and smiling, which surprised and delighted NASCAR fans on Twitter.

"Ryan Newman continues to show great improvement after Monday night's last-lap accident at Daytona International Speedway," the Roush Fenway account tweeted on Wednesday morning.

"The veteran driver is fully alert and walking around Halifax Medical Center. True to his jovial nature, he has also been joking around with staff, friends and family while spending time playing with his daughters."

The NASCAR fans around the world have anxiously been awaiting updates since Newman's No. 6 Ford Mustang crashed moments before crossing the finish line. The severity of this wreck frightened his fans and fellow racers, causing many to believe that he might be facing a long road to recovery.

The Wednesday update, however, provided fans with a sense of relief. They were able to see Newman on his feet and smiling while posing with his daughters. This gave them confidence that he would be fully recovered in the future and would continue to be present in his daughters' lives.

"What incrediable news!!!! TY so much for sharing this!! Nascar nation SO worried about [Ryan Newman] [praying hands emoji] for his continued recovery!" one fan wrote on Twitter after seeing the update. Hundreds of other users also chimed in and expressed their excitement about Newman's continuing recovery.

"Wow, so incredible ! Somebody sure had an angel riding around with him...." another Twitter user wrote on Wednesday. There was a theory posted on Tuesday about how the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. was serving as a guardian angel at the Daytona 500. There were many NASCAR fans that believed he had been responsible for saving Newman's life after this frightening wreck.

The photo of Newman standing served as a positive sign for his ongoing recovery, but the journey back to full health is not over. The fans are well aware of this fact, but they are taking time on Wednesday morning to express thanks for the simple fact that he is smiling in this photo. They aren't taking anything for granted a mere two days after Monday's wreck.


"The best news ever! And shout out to NASCAR and whoever designs the safety of these cars. The fact that any human could survive that crash is simply remarkable," one relieved NASCAR fan wrote on Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images