Rob Gronkowski: WWE Reacts to 24/7 Champion Returning to the NFL

Formerly-retired tight end Rob Gronkowski was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Tuesday afternoon, marking his return to the NFL. The transaction was pending due to a physical, but FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer later reported that Gronkowski had passed. This news meant that he was now once again teammates with quarterback Tom Brady, and it also prompted a response from WWE.

#247Champion@RobGronkowski is on the move!!!" the sports entertainment company tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. Gronkowski had previously signed a contract with WWE and had secured the 24/7 championship after pinning his best friend, Mojo Rawley. He had expressed optimism about potentially taking part in a future match, but that has now been postponed. Instead, he will be heading to Florida with hopes of winning Super Bowl LV.

"What's happening with the title then?" one wrestling fan asked after reading about the trade. Gronkowski obviously won't be able to attend wrestling events during training camp, provided it takes place, and into the NFL season. How will another performer take the title? The answer is unknown, but one fan proclaimed that R-Truth would pull up to training camp and pin Gronkowski to steal the title.

"This is why you don't hire current athletes from other sports who are just quite frankly looking for a pay check .. and are not really interested in wrestling," another fan added. There were multiple wrestling aficionados that were frustrated with Gronkowski for the manner in which he showed up and quickly disappeared from his new sport. They just wished that he hadn't even bothered to sign a contract in order to host one event.


The opinions about Gronkowski were split on Tuesday afternoon considering that several fans were upset about his departure. One person, however, was convinced that Gronkowski has been planning this for quite some time. Their reasoning was that WrestleMania 36, which the tight end hosted, was originally scheduled to be held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in WWE moving all events to the Performance Center in Orlando, but Gronkowski was planning on hosting the event at the stadium in which he will play professional football. In the opinion of the Twitter user, this would have set up Gronkowski making a major announcement during WrestleMania. They fully expected him to reveal the trade with the Buccaneers. It would have been the ultimate mic-drop moment for the 30-year-old.