O.J. Simpson's Fantasy Team Suffers Major Losses for Second Consecutive Year


Former NFL running back and ex-con O.J. Simpson cannot catch a break in fantasy football. His 2019 team featured Andrew Luck, who retired during the preseason, and Antonio Brown, who missed 15 games amid legal troubles. Now his 2020 team has already lost two key players due to injuries.

Simpson sounded off about the issues with a Twitter video posted on Monday morning. He declared that he selected Indianapolis Colts running back Marlon Mack and Dallas Cowboys tight end Blake Jarwin, both of whom had high expectations. However, both players suffered what appeared to be season-ending injuries. Mack injured his Achilles while Jarwin tore his ACL. Now Simpson will head to the waiver wire for new players.

"For me and my fantasy team, it's a little like last year," Simpson said. "Not quite as bad. I lost two players. Marlon Mack, he seems to be out for the year. My best to you, buddy. And Jarwin, my other tight end, he seems to be out for the year. But it wasn't a totally wasted day. I'm up 35 points against the guy I'm playing against, and I have Pittsburgh's defense tonight."

With his comments made about fantasy woes, Simpson switched to providing his take on the Week 1 games. He expressed optimism about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' future despite a loss to the New Orleans Saints. He couldn't say the same about the Cleveland Browns. Simpson said that something is majorly wrong in Berea and switching coaches all of the time isn't fixing the issue.


Of course, Simpson is a San Francisco 49ers fan, and he is very upset about the state of the quarterback position. He strongly criticized Jimmy Garoppolo for his misfires in Super Bowl LIV, as well as a bad play in the season-opening loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Simpson wanted to see his team start the year with a victory, but this did not take place.

While Simpson doesn't know if he will secure a victory on Monday night, he hopes that the Pittsburgh Steelers defense will keep New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley in check. Although the Monday night matchup could turn into less of a priority for The Juice. He still has to find replacements for two of the biggest names on his roster for the second season in a row.