Sharon Stone Claims She Once Had Police Protection From O.J. Simpson

Sharon Stone claims she was THAT famous at the time, though the LAPD casts doubt.

Sharon Stone and O.J. Simpson were certified strangers to each other back during the wild days of his 1994 police chase. But as she claims in a new chat with InStyle Magazine, her fame prompted police to give her protection as Simpson was slowly driven down the freeway.

According to InStyle, Stone credits her immense fame after the release of Basic Instinct in 1992 and says that "instant" fame forced police to step in due to her lack of status and lack of funds that a seasoned celebrity would have. She still drove her car, saying fans would "mount" it, ate at restaurants where fans would pound the windows, and even had a flight turned back to the gate after a fan got too "aggressive."

So when O.J. Simpson and his white Ford Bronco captured attention, Stone claims the police came calling. "He's dangerous," Stone claims they told her. "And we don't know how dangerous, and we don't know what this is." They took her to a motel nearby, with one cop monitoring the front desk and another at her door. "It's very expensive to be famous," she adds.

As far as the LAPD, TMZ reached out to a few former officers for their recollection of events. Former LAPD Media Relations commander David Gascon told the outlet he didn't hear about it and claimed the first mention was from Stone in the interview. Lead O.J. Simpson case detective Tom Lange told the outlet similar details, even saying the upcoming 30th anniversary of the infamous day could be motivation for the story coming out.

TMZ stresses that this doesn't mean Stone's story is false. It just means they had never heard about it. Given how busy they were at the time, it shouldn't be a shock. O.J. Simpson recently returned to the headlines after rumors spread that he was battling cancer.