Odell Beckham Jr. Gifts Tom Brady With Goat Hair Cleats Following Patriots-Brown Game

Early in the week leading up to Sunday's battle with the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. turned heads when he revealed that he planned on giving Tom Brady some custom "GOAT" cleats. As it turns out, this was not simply a statement during the practice week. Beckham caught up with Brady following the game and handed over his gift.

With the rain pouring down, Brady and Beckham exchanged quick pleasantries before the Patriots' QB turned to catch up with some other players. However, he was stopped once again by Beckham so that the gift could be handed over.

Of course, more attention was paid to Baker Mayfield, who was in the background of this interaction. Many people on social media believe that the expression on his face was simply a sign that he didn't approve of the gift.

The interesting aspect of this exchange is that the cleats were a gift to Brady, but they had Beckham's initials on the sides. He had previously mentioned that he had a pair made for him, but he was more likely to gift goat hair cleats to Brady due to him being the true "GOAT." Was this the same pair? The answer appears to be "yes" considering that Beckham was spotted wearing these cleats during pregame warmups.

"I know we've done some goat cloning, so I think there's something going on," Beckham said Wednesday to reporters. "He's not human, to be playing the way he's still playing, mentally prepared every single game, decisive decisions, knows how to manage a game.

"He's just very smart, he's the best to ever do it. I don't think anybody could argue it. He's just the greatest, so I definitely want some of the water that he's drinking. That's who everyone — I know for me, as well — we all are inspired to be like."

Beckham also revealed to reporters that it was a dream of his to play for the Patriots during his professional career. However, this did not pan out as he was drafted by the New York Giants in 2014 and was later traded to the Browns prior to the 2019 season. The closest he has come to sharing the field with Brady is watching the six-time Super Bowl champion defeat his team.


(Photo Credit: Kathryn Riley/Getty)