Obituary for Buffalo Woman Includes Strong Hatred for Tom Brady

One Buffalo woman was not a fan of Tom Brady and made sure everyone knew that when she died. Carole Scarsella died on July 19 and her sports fandom was brought up in her obituary. What caught the attention of many is what it said about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

"She was an avid sports fan. She loved the New York Yankees and Lebron James. She HATED Tom Brady," the obituary from the Buffalo News stated." That was one of the five facts listed for Scarsella along with smoking, reading, slot machines, and playing games on Facebook. A screenshot of the obituary was posted on Twitter and her grandaughter tweeted how great it was to see her remembered and the people of Buffalo sharing her hate for Brady.

It's not surprising to someone like Scarsella to not be a Brady fan since she lived in Buffalo, New York. Brady entered the NFL in 2000 as a member of the New England Patriots and would play the Buffalo Bills twice a year. Since Brady became the starting QB in 2001, he posted a 32-3 record in 35 games. Brady threw 70 touchdowns while posting a 97.9 passer rating. With Brady under center for the Patriots, the Bills had no chance of winning the AFC East. In fact, the last time the Bills won the division was in 1995. When Jim Kelly was still the quarterback.

"So for those of you who want to celebrate Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots — and, hopefully, leaving the AFC East — there are no mass gatherings," Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said when Brady announced he's not returning to New England. "Celebrate responsibly. Celebrate at home, and with less than 10 people present."

Brady helped the Patriots reach the Super Bowl nine times while winning six of them. From 2001-2019, the Patriots have won the AFC East all but twice (2002 and 2008). It looked like Brady was going to finish his career in New England, but he decided to changes things up and start fresh in Tampa.


"It's an exciting moment for me in my life," Brady said to reporters after he signed his contract with the Bucs. He also said, "Entering something that's obviously very unique to me – first time it's happened in 20 years. I'm kinda taking it day by day."