NFL Players Marcus Peters, Golden Tate and Eric Fisher Sign Deals With Bud Light to Be Ambassadors

NFL players Marcus Peters, Golden Tate and Eric Fisher have had beer celebrations with fans recently. It doesn't happen on a regular basis, but the NFL is not okay with players with alcohol during games. However, Bud Light sees nothing wrong with it and the company recently announced they have signed all three players to be brand ambassadors. The question is, what does a Bud Light Ambassador do?

"As official ambassadors of Bud Light, we'll be able to have some fun with these players during the course of the upcoming season," Joe Barners, Director, Bud Light Sports Marketing at Anheuser-Busch told via email. "Unfortunately, we cannot share any specific details of how our partnerships will come to life but you can expect to see things like IP in retail accounts, potential integration into content, and other fun player content."

Tate did not celebrate with fans on the field, but he was seen chugging a beer in Canada while wearing an American Flag-themed ski suit which he posted on Instagram. Peters and Fisher did a beer celebration with fans and they were both fined by the league. Bud Light reached out to them and it led to the company matching the fine with a donation of the players' choice.

"We were in contact with Marcus Peters and Eric Fisher's respective management teams immediately after their Bud Light celebration moments and were able to get great intel on what their passion points were and specific charities they were close to," Barnes added. "From there, we worked with the NFLPA and the players representatives to ensure the donation was made.

Both Peters and Fisher were fined $14,037 for unsportsmanlike conduct. Their celebrations have led to them building a relationship with Bud Light which is the official beer of the NFL.


"These were fun conversations to have with the players and their respective management teams given how genuinely each moment manifested itself," Barnes said when asked about the players' reaction to being Bud Light Ambassadors. "As a brand, Bud Light is always seeking to find ambassadors who fit the brand personality and truly enjoy our product because it further reinforces the real connections needed to resonate with consumers/fans."

Tate currently plays for the New York Giants and the wide receiver finished the 2019 season with 676 yards and six touchdowns. Peters plays cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens after being traded from the Los Angeles Rams in 2019 and he notched five interceptions this past season. Fisher is an offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs and he helped the team win the Super Bowl in February.