Nelson Agholor Invites Eagles Fan Who Trolled Him to an Upcoming Game

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor is taking the very high road when it comes to a [...]

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor is taking the very high road when it comes to a recent fan trolling him. On Monday night, Agholor invited former firefighter Hakim Laws to an upcoming game despite telling him he can't catch passes. The reason the veteran receiver invited Laws to a game is he helped rescue Philadelphia residents who were inside a building that caught fire.

"Thank you for being a hero in the community, would like to invite you and your family to the next home game. Twitter help me out and get me in touch with him," Agholor wrote on Twitter.

Laws told reporters he was walking in the area when the noticed the fire. He helped first responders get everyone out of the building to safety and that's when he took a shot at Agholor.

"One of my old coworkers took the ladder off the truck and raised it up and was assisting people down," Laws said. "My man just started throwing babies out the window. We was catching 'em, unlike Agholor."

Agholor did not have a game to remember on Sunday when the Eagles took on the Detroit Lions. He did have two touchdown receptions in the second half of the game, but in the first half was a different story as he dropped a pass and lost a fumble. After the game, Agholor took full responsibility for his mistakes.

"The plays that you messed up on could have been the plays that determined an opportunity to win," he said via ESPN. "In my mind, I am trying to eliminate bad plays. I think good plays are going to come. I think I am gifted, I am coached well, and I am put in great positions, but in terms of making mistakes, it can't happen, especially with me being a veteran in the group."

Agholor was drafted by the Eagles in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft. His career got off to a slow start, recording 23 receptions, 283 yards and one touchdown his rookie season. His numbers slightly improved in 2016, but he had his best season in 2017 when he posted 62 receptions for 768 yards and eight touchdowns. Agholor was a big reason the Eagles won the Super Bowl that year. In 2018, Agholor posted a career-high 64 receptions for 736 yards and four touchdowns.