'NCIS' Actor Brian Dietzen Sounds off on Nationals' World Series Win

Brian Dietzen enjoyed every minute of the World Series and he showed his appreciation for both teams leaving everything on the field. When the World Series was over, the NCIS star went to Twitter to send messages to the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals. The Nationals were able to take down the Astros in seven games and it's their first World Series title in franchise history.

"Amazing World Series. The [Astros] were an incredible team. Congratulations to the [Nationals]. They really are a great organization run by a great group of people. What a game seven," Dietzen wrote.

In a way, Dietzen predicted the Nationals winning the World Series based on what he Tweeted in early October. "How bout them Nationals," he wrote. Talk about getting hot at the right time. This team is legit!

It's been quite the run for the Nationals as they got off to the slow start this season. In fact, it looked like the team wasn't going to make the playoff as they had a 19-31 record in the early stages of the year.

"We stunk,” right fielder Adam Eaton said, thinking back to the start of the season via the team's official website. “But for us, it's like you fail early, you come together as a group, you struggle as a group to be able to succeed later. You learn from the mistakes. ... All of a sudden we start to accelerate and then when our backs are against the wall, it’s like, 'Well, we’ve done this before.' We stunk in April and May and everyone counted us out. We're used to this, this is nothing new.”

But the Nationals were able to fight their way to 93 wins and clinch a playoff spot. And that led to them beating the Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals before defeating the Astros.


"Everything that we’ve been through over this past month, you can’t describe a better team than what we have,” pitcher Max Scherzer said. “The moments that we all shared. It wasn't just one guy, it wasn't just one moment, everybody had a moment. Everybody stepped up."

Dietzen has stared on NCIS since 2004 but he became a series regular in 2012. He's a Colorado native and when the school at the University of Colorado before earning television fame.