Ex-NBA Star Dennis Rodman Says Antonio Brown 'Ruined His Career'

Dennis Rodman thinks Antonio Brown won't be playing in the NFL again. TMZ recently caught up with the former NBA star and he said Brown did everything he could to end his career in the NFL. Rodman first said, "Antonio Brown ... he wasn't focusing enough on his career." He then went on to say, Brown just ran the "The school of how to ruin your career 101."

"Do what he did. He outsmarted himself," Rodman added.

In a way, it's surprising to see that Rodman is shocked about Brown and his antics. Rodman was one of the top NBA players during the late 1980s through the 1990s, but he was also known for his off-the-court actions. He has had issues with alcohol and he even got into a fight with then-wife Carmen Electra in 1999. When Rodman was on the court, he was not an angel. In 1996, he was suspended for six games for head butting a referee. He was also suspended for 11 games in 1997 after kicking a cameraman in the groin. He lost $1 million for that incident.

Brown is not getting compared to Rodman, but he has had a wild 2019. He was recently cut by the New England Patriots for sending "intimidating" text messages to a woman who is accusing him of sexual misconduct. And when Brown signed with the Patriots at the start of the season, another woman filed a sexual assault lawsuit against him. In January, Brown was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was traded to the Oakland Raiders in March and was then released by the team earlier this month. He has called out teammates, used racial slurs against a general manager and threatened to quit if he couldn't play with his own helmet. So it's hard to see Brown playing in the NFL again.

The one thing Brown doesn't have that Rodman had is championships. Rodman has two titles as a member of the Detroit Pistons and three as a member of the Chicago Bulls. Brown played in the Super Bowl when he was with the Steelers in 2010, but the team lost to the Green Bay Packers.


Rodman eventually played his way out of the NBA due to his age and antics. And while Brown is only 31 years old, it looks like he may have done that as well.