Former MLB Star Carl Crawford Arrested After Allegedly Choking, Threatening Ex-Girlfriend With Gun

Former MLB star Carl Crawford was recently arrested for felony domestic violence in Texas, [...]

Former MLB star Carl Crawford was recently arrested for felony domestic violence in Texas, according to TMZ. The arrest stems from an incident in May where he allegedly choked and threatened his ex-girlfriend with a gun. In the court documents obtained by TMZ, it said the alleged victim claimed she broke up with Crawford, but agreed to meet with him on May 8 at her apartment in Houston, Texas. She then claimed Crawford removed a handgun from his pocket and "unloaded the clip and ejected a round of the pistol and began walking towards her holding the firearm."

The woman then said Crawford was upset began interrogating her. She tried to leave the apartment, but he pushed her to the ground in the hallway. The documents also said Crawford "held the gun in one hand, and used the other hand to grab her by the head and neck, while asking her how long she had been dating a male acquaintance." He then allegedly slammed her head against the wall several times after she said she only knew the other man for about a week. Crawford continued to question and choke her, and it wasn't until her 1-year old daughter walked over to her where she was able to flee. Crawford also left without his gun. Police were called and the woman claimed Crawford sent her text messages afterward. One of the messages he allegedly sent was him telling her he was paying someone to track down the other male.

Crawford is currently in custody with a $10,000 bond. TMZ reached out to Rusty Hardin, Crawford's lawyer, who said, "We strongly deny the charges and the conduct he is alleged to have engaged in. He would never hurt a woman. He has no criminal history." This incident comes on the heels of a woman and child drowning at Crawford's home. In a statement, he wrote: "My Hearts Heavy. The tragic events that occurred at my home will be with me forever. I'm at a loss for words I've struggled all week to manage my emotions and I keep thinking of the families of those who've passed and their grief, I know they have it the hardest."

Spending 14 years in the major leagues, Crawford is known for his time with the Tampa Bay Rays. From 2002-2010, Crawford was named to the All-Star team four times and was also the AL Stolen base leader in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007. He won the Gold Glove Award in 2010 and the Silver Slugger Award the same year. He also played for the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers.