Michael Strahan's 'Good Morning America' Co-Hosts Pay Tribute to His Late Dad

After Michael Strahan's father, Gene, died at the age of 83 last week, Strahan's colleagues at Good Morning America took time to send condolences to the Strahan family and pay tribute to Gene. GMA host Amy Robach read a eulogy on air to honor Gene.

"We wanted to take a moment to say our thoughts and our prayers are with our colleague Michael Strahan and his family. His father Gene Willie Strahan Sr. is being laid to rest today," the anchor said. "He was born in 1937, the first of nine children to receive a high school diploma. Enlisting in the U.S. Army in 1955, Gene rose to become a major and serve with the 82nd Airborne Division. Gene married wife Louise in 1957. They spent 63 wonderful years together bringing up six children. To Michael, Louise and the entire Strahan family, we want you to know our hearts are with you today. We love you, Michael."

Earlier this week Strahan went to Instagram to pay tribute to his father." It's been a little over a week since I lost my hero and it’s still hard to believe my dad is no longer with us physically but I know his spirit lives on thru me and the rest of the family," Strahan wrote. "The biggest goal in everything I’ve ever done was to make him proud. Knowing that I did that gives me peace but also pushes me to continue because I know he’s watching from above."

Strahan went on to say that he is "so grateful" that Gene was his dad. Without him I'm not sure where I'd be but I know I wouldn’t have anything close to the life I have now. Love you Dad and I’m honored to be your son!!" Strahan then ended the post with a message to his followers and fans. "Take time to hug your parents, spouse and kids," he stated. "Let them know how you feel and don't take it for granted that they automatically know that you love them."