Michael Elgin, Wrestler, Arrested in Japan

Michael Elgin, a professional wrestler who recently competed in Pro Wrestling NOAH, was arrested in Japan last weekend for stealing, according to a report from Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net. Elgin reportedly stole protein power and was in jail at the time the report was published. He was scheduled to compete at a Pro Wrestling NOAH event in Shizuoka, but it was announced he would not be appearing. It was noted in the report that Elgin could face up to five years in jail unless a deal is arranged where he would be deported and not be allowed to return to Japan again. 

On Sunday, Elgin went to Twitter to tell his side of the story. "I'm not going to bother saying what happened, but I am going to say," Elgin tweeted, "I was not charged for stealing protein. I'm not charged at all, I am not facing jail time. I'm also not deported. I am going to Canada to be with my family after the passing of an extremely close family member."

Elgin followed up with another tweet that shows him on a plane. "I completely understand people don't ever want to believe anything other than what they wish were true," he said. "I'm not going to debate with people. But, I am on my scheduled flight home. Also, first class. Doesn't seem like deportation." 

Elgin, whose real name is Aaron Frobel, also posted a long note to his Facebook account. He said he was "asked to keep the details minimum" but stated again he was not charged with anything. He also revealed that in Japan that when you are arrested, "they keep you 10-30 days to investigate the issue." He also said that he was "questioned about an issue," which is why he couldn't make the Pro Wrestling NOAH events on July 9 and July 10. He had a work visa that lasted for three months (began in April), and with his aunt passing away, Elgin made the decision to leave to be closer to his family. 


This is not the first time Elgin had a run-in with the law. Last year, the former Impact Wrestling star was accused of "Violation of Protective Order," against his ex-fiance. Elgin claimed that he was not arrested, saying that his ex-fiance "jumped at the opportunity to spread false information online."