Matt Hardy Announces He's Leaving WWE, Won't Renew Contract

Matt Hardy is no longer a member of the WWE. The 45-year-old pro wrestler announced the news on YouTube just minutes before WWE announced Hardy's contract has expired. He's now a free agent and he explained why he decided to move on.

"It's just time for me to take a break and become a free agent," he said per Sports Illustrated. "I didn't want to leave WWE because it is my home. The reason I needed to leave WWE is because when it comes to my creative stance and my creative outlook on myself and my career and how I wanted to go for these last three or four years that I have to spend as an active in-ring competitor, I just think myself and WWE are on different pages."

Hardy went on to say he wants more control of his character which is something WWE didn't agree with.

"I want to enter a creative renaissance and I want to have non-stop input on my creative process," Hardy said. "I think that's where WWE and I are on different pages."

The news of Hardy leaving was confirmed by WWE right after Hardy's announcement.

"A trailblazer throughout his 19-year WWE career, Matt and his brother Jeff pioneered the first tag team Ladder and TLC Matches in WWE, stealing the show at WrestleMania on several occasions," the statement said. "Matt, who competed in his first WWE match in 1994, captured nine tag team titles with Jeff, in addition to two other reigns with MVP and Bray Wyatt.

"He is also a former ECW, United States, European, Cruiserweight and Hardcore champion, and he won the Fifth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34. ..."WWE thanks Matt Hardy for his contributions to sports-entertainment and the WWE Universe and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.


Hardy was recently written off WWE TV after being attacked by Randy Orton. Before Hardy's contract expired, it was reported he was offered a new deal which would have allowed him to work at NXT.

Along with spending time in WWE, Hardy has also wrestled in Ring of Honor, TNA and he was also on the independent circuit. He has won a total of six different championships in WWE including the tag team championship which he won with his brother Jeff six times.