LeBron James Blasts Haters After Reaching NBA Scoring Milestone

LeBron James didn't have the 2020-21 season many expected him to have mostly because of an ankle injury he suffered in March. However, the four-time NBA champion still finished the year averaging 25 points per game, making him the only player in NBA history to average at least 25 points or more in 17 seasons. James posted the stat on Twitter and sent the message to his haters.

In the tweet, James said he's been playing at a high level since he was 19 years old and then noted he's a "pass first guy!" He then mentioned that's why he's never mentioned among the greats when it comes to scoring. This then led to James stating he would "rather keep it that way!?"

Because of James' play in his career, he was won the NBA MVP award four times. Before the injury, James was a candidate to win it for the fifth time. However, Steph Curry looks to be the frontrunner for the crown as he has helped the Golden State Warriors get into the play-in tournament. When talking to reporters, James campaigned for Curry to win MVP.

"I mean, just look at what he's done this year," James said after the Lakers' 110-98 win at the New Orleans Pelicans, coupled with a Denver Nuggets loss on Sunday, locked the Lakers into the No. 7 spot. "I don't know anything else if you're looking for an MVP. If Steph is not on Golden State's team, what are we looking at?" The interesting thing about this is Curry and James will face each other in the play-in tournament this week. The Lakers are the No. 7 seed and the Warriors are the No. 8 seed, which means the winner of the game will face the Brooklyn Nets (No. 2 seed) in the first round of the playoffs.


"I don't look at our seeding. It doesn't matter. Obviously, we know we wanted to play a lot better this season, but the injuries took a toll on our team," James said, alluding to his ankle injury and Anthony Davis' nine-week absence because of a calf strain and Achilles tendinosis in his right leg per ESPN. "But I look forward to the challenge. It's another challenge for me in the postseason. I'm looking forward to it."