Lana Signs Multi-Year Contract With WWE

Lana has been one of the more popular figures in the WWE the last few years and it looks like she isn't going anywhere for a long time. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lana has signed a multi-year contract with the WWE. The contract extension is five years long and once Pro Wrestling Sheet reported the news, Lana went to Twitter to confirm it.

"I just signed a multi-million dollar deal with [WWE]!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!" Lana wrote on Twitter.

From there a number of Lana's fans flooded her comments section.

"So happy for you woman," wrote one fan.

Another wanted Lana to move to another organization, but glad she's doing good work in the WWE. "Congrats! You deserve it. You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met! Selfishly, I'd love to see you doing your thing in #AEW . But glad you got the $$$ flowing in. Deserved!"

Another fan had a request for Lana, who is currently involved in a storyline with her husband Rusev, writing: "Great! So can we get back to you and @RusevBUL being a happily married couple now please!............ I'd rather see you doing 'Rocky' style training montages (with Rusev as your trainer) for the woman's royal rumble than your current storyline!"

Meanwhile, another fan praised Lana's work on TV: "Congratulations on your new deal! I may not like the storyline, but you really sell it. Superb performer! Happy Lana Day!!!"


Pro Wrestling Sheet also reported the new contract allows Lana to take on other projects outside the WWE. A good example of this is when she and Rusev produced and starred in a new film called Another Version of You, which was released on Tuesday. She recently returned to WWE television after taking a break and is now involved in a storyline where she leaves Rusev for fellow superstar Bobby Lashley.

Lana, whose real name is CJ Perry, has been with the WWE since 2013. She started on the developmental organization NXT and then made her debut on the main roster in January 2014. Lana has mostly spent time as a manager but she has also competed in the ring. She also started in the WWE reality television show Total Divas.