Kobe Bryant's Childhood Home for Sale

Kobe Bryant merchandise has been a hot commodity since his death in a Jan. 26 helicopter crash. Now fans have the opportunity to purchase something much larger. The house where Bryant grew up is on the market.

Compass Realty has the listing for the home, which sits in the Wynnewood suburb of Philadelphia. The property is 3,400 square feet and has five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. According to Deadline, Bryant's father, Joe Bryant, sold the home in 2008 for the price of $510,000. Now the price has skyrocketed to $899,000.

"Every home has a story to tell and this one is not to be missed," the listing states. "It happens to be the former home of beloved NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. He spent his teenage years living at 1224 Remington and attended Lower Merion High School from 1992-1996. He took the basketball scene by storm and led his high school team to a state championship. The home's most significant feature is Kobe's basketball hoop in the driveway where he spent countless hours perfecting his craft."

Bryant and his family moved into the Colonial home in 1991. They had previously lived in Italy while Joe played professional basketball in Europe but returned to the United States when Bryant was 13 years old. He attended eighth grade and high school in the area and played for Lower Merion.

When fans saw the listing, they had several different reactions. Some said that the house shouldn't be for a sale and called for Philadelphia to turn it into a museum. "Seems like something the [NBA] would want to preserve — surprised Shaq or Magic haven't already purchased it," one person commented.


According to Realtor, the listing agents had to test out the hoop where Bryant spent countless hours working on his craft. "I not only took a shot, I did a little dunk. I had fun with that," said co-listing agent, TJ Sokso. "It's very nostalgic to be there. It's a surreal feeling, actually."

Sokso said that shooting hoops at Bryant's teenage home may actually be part of the selling process. He said that he brought an NBA ball and set it off to the side. When fans tour the home, they can test out one of the major selling points. "It would be great if it was somebody who was a huge Kobe fan who wanted to purchase the property," Sokso added.