Watch: Katy Perry Pelts Luke Bryan With 'Roll Tide' Chants on Set of 'American Idol'

Saturday night featured a high-profile battle between the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide and the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs. Katy Perry celebrated the game by trolling American Idol co-host Luke Bryan. She repeatedly yelled, "Roll Tide" on the American Idol set while wearing an Alabama jersey.

Bryan, a noted Georgia Bulldogs fan, did not appreciate the attacks on his fandom. Every time Perry yelled "Roll Tide" and threw a football at him, he would express outrage. He repeatedly tried to hit Perry with the football but did not have the best accuracy. At the end of a long day, the official American Idol scoreboard listed Perry as having a 4-0 clean sweep.

As the video showed, the final straw for Bryan came when he went to climb into a black SUV. His driver wore a facemask and a No. 17 Crimson Tide jersey. There was also a lighted sign on the vehicle's door with the "Roll Tide" message.

"You're behind this!" Bryan yelled while pointing his finger at the camera. "Hey, tomorrow's a new day." With his final message delivered, the country star climbed into the backseat of the SUV and headed home for the evening.

Unfortunately for Bryan, the losing streak continued with Saturday night's game. Georgia built up a 24-17 lead in the first half, but Alabama added a late field goal to make the score 24-20 entering halftime. Once the third quarter began, Alabama took over and did not relent. The Crimson Tide's defense held the Bulldogs scoreless in the second half and notched two interceptions. The unit also forced a missed field goal attempt.


Alabama quarterback Mac Jones, on the other hand, was effective against what was the No. 1 defense in college football. He threw for 417 yards and four touchdowns. Jones also threw an interception, but that mistake took place on his first attempt of the game. Additionally, running back Najee Harris rushed for 152 yards on 31 attempts during the 41-24 beatdown in primetime.

The SEC rivalry has not been kind to Bryan and his favorite team. The Bulldogs have not won a game against the Crimson tide since 2007, Nick Saban's first season with the team. The quarterback who led Georgia to the overtime victory was future No. 1 overall draft pick Matthew Stafford.