Josie Canseco Says She Blasted Father Jose Canseco for Threatening Ex Logan Paul

Josie Canseco has a big problem with her father, former MLB star Jose Canseco going after her ex Logan Paul on social media. Josie talked about the drama on the Between Good & Evil podcast with Charlotte D' Alessio and said she blocked her dad out of her life until his beef with Paul stopped. She even told Jose how she felt about the situation.

"I went off, I ripped him a new a—," Josie said. She also talked about how she doesn't need attention from news outlets. "I don't f— with that fake internet s—. I just do not care. I don't need the press. I don't need publicity. I don't care to be famous. I don't care for attention." Josie accused Jose of making the breakup more than what it was. The former Oakland A's star went to Twitter to threaten to beat Paul up.

"I actually met him when my daughter and Logan came down to Vegas," Jose told Sports Talk Chicago on AM 1530 WCKG in December. "He seemed like a very nice young kid -- to me, seemed a bit on the arrogant side. But, then, all of a sudden, they broke up." I gotta give you the final details; they will come up .. but you know, it left me with a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth."

Jose started the feud with Paul in late November, which led to Josie sounding off on him. "I'm just like, 'Fine; then I won't speak to you as long as you're doing this and bringing in my personal life, my relationship, to your social media for attention and money and clout. I have no respect for that, so do not speak to me as long as this is where your perspective is at in life."

Josie, 24, was born in Florida to Jose and former model and television personality Jessica Canseco. Jose and Jessica married in 1996 and got divorced in 1999. Over the years, Josie has appeared on TV and the web series SummerBreak. She's better known for her modeling career, appearing in Playboy and auditioning for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


Jose, 56, played in the majors from 1985-2001. In his career, Jose was named an all-star six times, won the World Series twice and was named AL MVP in 1988. He hit 462 career home runs and recorded 1,407 career RBIs.