Jason Sudeikis' NBC Sports Character Ted Lasso Is Getting His Own TV Show on Apple TV+

Jason Sudeikis is bringing back a very popular character and it will be featured on a new TV show on Apple TV+. Earlier this week, it was announced that the Saturday Night Live alum will star in a new TV series which will feature his Ted Lasso character which became popular a few years ago. The show will be called Ted Lasso and it will be about Lasso who is an American Football coach who is hired to coach an English football team despite not having any soccer experience. The character was first introduced in 2013 to help promote Premier League Soccer airing on NBC Sports.

"Sudeikis co-wrote the pilot along with Bill Lawrence, with Lawrence also set to executive produce under his Doozer Productions banner. Doozer's Jeff Ingold will also executive produce, with the company's Liza Katzer co-executive producing. Warner Bros. Television, where Doozer is under an overall deal, will serve as the studio," Joe Otterson of Variety wrote.

This will be the first regular television role for Sudeikis since he was on SNL from 2003-2013. After he left SNL, he focused on starring in films such as We are the Millers, Horrible Bosses 2, Mother's Day and Downsizing. This year, Sudeikis starred in the film Driven where he plays an F.B.I. informant. In a recent interview, the actor and comedian talked about taking on new roles in film and TV.

Yeah, it really for me is driven by the story and then the character that I'm being asked to play within that story. I know that Race and this one, I really have enjoyed roles kind of like the person next to the brilliant genius. I don't know if that's just from growing up having lots of really, really talented friends or even through my generation that I did at SNL. I feel like I had to play that part in my real life next to Bill [Hader], Andy [Samberg], and Kristen [Wiig], too. Then, it's like being the coach of Jesse Owens or the next door neighbor/informant of John DeLorean. It's a little niche. Maybe I'll get to play Salieri on Broadway someday in Amadeus, or Aaron Burr [laughs]," he said according to SlashFilm.


Earlier this year, Sudeikis returned to SNL to do the cold open of the show as former Vice President Joe Bidden. In March, his fiancee, actress Olivia Wilde, and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres were shown cutting off his hair.