Impact Wrestling Star Gisele Shaw Looks Back at 'Cool' WWE Tryout Experience (Exclusive)

Gisele Shaw made her way back to Impact Wrestling earlier this year after appearing in the professional wrestling promotion in 2018. During her time away from Impact Wrestling, Shaw was competing all over the world and even had a tryout with WWE while in the United Kingdom. In an exclusive interview with, Shaw talked about her experience trying out for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. 

"You know what, it was pretty cool that I've never done the whole all women's tryout because my first draft with them, it was mixed, men and women," she exclusively told PopCulture. "So, it was really nice. I also knew the women that were there who were trying out with me. So I think that to have a camaraderie already before coming to the tryouts and to experience that, I feel like it just made us grow our bond closer."

Shaw also revealed what she learned from that experience. She said: "My takeaway from that was, it was a great experience and it definitely tested me on being in ring shape, being not only just a character, or rather not just be a wrestler, but also if you want to be on TV, there's so many things to look into, not just the wrestling, but also the performance side, the character side, and I think that was my biggest takeaway from there."

When Shaw had her tryout with WWE she was appearing in a few promotions, including Progress Wrestling where she won the women's championship in 2021. Shaw lost the title in June of this year to Kanji in London. She returned to Impact Wrestling in February, which was a big addition as she's one of the 20 best female wrestlers in the world, according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. 

Shaw is now getting ready to compete in Dallas for Lone Star Stampede, which takes place at The Factory in Deep Ellum on Friday and Saturday. "We have action-packed all the time at Impact Wrestling, but what I can say right now though is there's Deonna [Purrazzo] versus Masha [Slamovich]," she said. "I think that's announced already. They're both great competitors. I've been in the ring with them and they're just so incredible. This is going to be hard-hitting. I can't wait to see it myself."