Former MLB Pitcher Reveals Engagement to Boyfriend

A former MLB pitcher came out as gay and announced he is engaged. T.J. House, who pitched in the majors from 2014-2017 is getting married to his partner, Ryan Neitzel, according to his Facebook page. House said playing professional baseball was a dream for him, but something was missing in his life. 

"I was 23 years old and living out my childhood dream playing professional baseball in Cleveland," House said in the Facebook post. "I dedicated all my energy into it, using it as my drug too numb what was really going on inside. Don't get me wrong, I loved every moment of my playing days, and I would go the same route again if I had the chance (with one big change). But even with all the money, fancy cars, nice clothes and a little tiny bit of fame, I would go home every night wishing I could change. Deep down I wanted something more, I wanted to be loved not for what I did, but who I was."

House continued: "I know most would say, 'you never really gave me a chance to love you for who you are because we didn't know,'" House wrote. "You're right, I gave very few that chance. I've sat in many rooms, listened to conversations around me, sat in pews at church, and read posts that have led me to act otherwise. It's hard listening to people talk about you without them knowing that the words they are saying are directed at you."

House said he and Neitzel can marry due to the Respect for Marriage Act. "It protects the same benefits. It makes us equal to you," he said. "It allows Ryan Neitzel and I to come together and create something beautiful. It gives me the confidence to get engaged to the person I love (he said Yes!), to marry them. I have a wonderful fiance, who challenges me daily to become a better person. To live life authentically. One who I never deserved but blessed to have. Love you see, it's for everyone."

House, 33, made his MLB debut in 2014 with the Cleveland Indians (now Cleveland Guardians). He was with the team for nearly three seasons before signing with the Toronto Blue Jays before the 2017 season. In his career, Murphy posted a 5-7 record while posting a 4.44 ERA and 90 strikeouts.