Football Fans Make Dance Remixes With Dak Prescott 'Hips' Video

Sunday night, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott became the source of internet fun after NBC showed off a unique warmup he does to open up his hips. The video in itself was viewed as odd by many, especially as commentator Cris Collinsworth narrated the sequence, but it quickly led way to dozens of remixes. Many football fans took the video of Prescott warming up and set it to some upbeat music.

While the Cowboys and the Vikings were facing off on the football field, Twitter was being bombarded with videos of Prescott warming up his hips while Shakira and other artists provided the soundtrack. Hips Don't Lie was the most popular choice, but the theme song for Super Mario Bros. was also heavily involved.

Regardless of music choice, there was no denying that the football fans were finding endless entertainment in this hip warmup video.

Despite becoming the source of dance remixes, Prescott played one of his best games of the season on Sunday night, throwing for 397 yards and three touchdowns against the Minnesota Vikings. His team may have lost, but the fourth-year quarterback still turned heads. Although one of the reasons was the odd workout video narrated by Collinsworth.

This performance was critical for the former Mississippi State quarterback considering that there were reports Sunday morning that he would be heading for the franchise tag following the season. There was no progress made on his contract extension over the bye week, and it's unlikely to be worked out in the coming weeks.

Why this game against the Vikings may have mattered is that some people believe the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones are waiting to see if Prescott can continue showing growth in his fourth season while leading the team back to the playoffs. He started the season strong with a 3-0 record and nine touchdown passes compared to only two interceptions. However, the next three games were a struggle for the young quarterback.

Prescott has since bounced back from the three consecutive losses and is en route to a career season. He has 18 passing touchdowns on the season, only five from the 23 he threw as a rookie. He also has a career-high 68.3 percent completion rate.

If the Cowboys' QB continues at his current pace, he should set new career marks in touchdowns, passing yards, and completion percentage. Although he could also throw for a career-high 16 interceptions. Either way, this 2019 season could only become the latest piece of evidence for the Cowboys that they need to get this contract extension finished prior to free agency in March.


Once the deal is struck, rest assured that these hip warmup videos will make the rounds on social media once again.

(Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty)