Floyd Mayweather UFC Fight Is 'Very Possible,' Dana White Says

Ever since Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor faced off during a boxing match, fans have called for a rematch. Specifically, they wanted the boxing legend to head to the octagon for a UFC bout. While the fight isn't guaranteed, UFC President Dana White has said that it is still possible.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, White explained the challenges of having Mayweather take part in an upcoming fight. He said that one of the biggest issues is that McGregor is retired. The MMA star previously called it quits for the third time in his career in early June, seemingly shutting down any upcoming bouts. White is moving forward with the mindset that McGregor is unavailable, which limits the potential of bringing Mayweather to the UFC for a money match — although it is not completely out of the realm of possibility.

"Floyd and I still have dialog and go back and forth," White said. "We're still interested on both sides. I know he would rematch Conor McGregor. But I don't know if you've heard, but Conor McGregor is retired. When I'm doing things right now and running business, I don't even think about Conor. Conor is retired. As of right here now today, Conor is retired until Conor tells me differently, I'm not trying to make any fights for Conor."

As White continued to explain, he has a contract with the fighters that require three bouts per year. If he does not deliver these fights, he has to pay them their money. With McGregor, however, there is a different scenario. The Irishman is retired, so White does not even think about putting together any fights. He just focuses on individuals such as Justin Gaethje that are readily available.

When McGregor and Mayweather first faced off in 2017, the Irishman proclaimed that he would deliver a knockout victory. However, this did not occur. Money Mayweather ultimately won by TKO. He also later spoke about McGregor's punching power and said that it didn't force him to change his approach.


"As far as his punching power — he's solid. I've felt it before, so that's why I kept coming straight ahead," Mayweather said, per MMA Junkie. "Obviously, it wasn't the type of power to say, 'I can't come forward.' Because if it were that type of power, I wouldn't have come forward."

The longtime boxer delivered a 10th-round victory and walked away with a massive payday. He secured $275 million — per Forbeswhile McGregor earned roughly $85 million. The pair could ultimately reunite for another match and even more money, but this is not guaranteed.