Floyd Mayweather Spotted Biking Around LA With Huge Entourage

Residents of Los Angeles have been told to remain at home under strict quarantine orders due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Leaving the home is not recommended, nor is participating in social gatherings. Despite these orders, Floyd Mayweather headed out for bike ride with members of his entourage.

The longtime boxer was spotted amid the pandemic riding around Los Angeles with at least six others. The members of his entourage were wearing protective masks, but Mayweather was not. He also did not adhere to the six-foot rule during this outing. According to TMZ Sports, this outing was only the latest of several that occurred throughout the week.

"OMG! Not 6 feet away on their bikes? This is where we are as a country now huh?" one person commented on social media after hearing about Mayweather's bike ride. Others weighed in and called out the boxer for his decision-making. Although one person actually hoped that Mayweather would soon test positive for the coronavirus.

On March 15, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed an executive order calling for the closure of several places where people gather. This included movie theaters, bars, bowling alleys and gyms. He later issued a stay-at-home order, which required residents of the city to remain at home unless they are conducting essential business.

Garcetti originally told Business Insider that the order could last until May, and he confirmed that fact during a recent interview with Wolf Blitzer. The mayor officially extended the stay-at-home order until May 15. He also said that it could be even longer depending on further positive tests.


"We have to stay at home for these next few weeks, we've extended that until May 15," Garcetti said. "But I do think, as we've all said, there is no light switch that will go on, this is more like a circuit breaker box and we have to have the ability to turn it all off again should we see outbreaks." He also addressed the potential of holding large-scale gatherings in L.A.

"It's difficult to imagine us getting together in the thousands anytime soon, so I think we should be prepared for that this year," he continued. "And public health officials have made very clear we have miles and miles to walk before we can be back in those environments." The mayor currently believes that sporting events may not be possible in L.A. until 2021.