FanShield 500: Blake Shelton and Pitbull Spotted Hanging out, and NASCAR Fans Don't Know What to Think

NASCAR fans were caught by surprise on Sunday when footage surfaced on Twitter that showed country [...]

NASCAR fans were caught by surprise on Sunday when footage surfaced on Twitter that showed country star Blake Shelton and "Mr. Worldwide" himself, Pitbull, hanging out at the FanShield 500. The two singers were walking the red carpet together and drawing considerable attention. Although many racing fans were also confused.

Following the sight of both photos and videos of the two singers together, the fans wanted to know what was going on. Were Shelton and Pitbull making a song about NASCAR or were they just hanging out in Phoenix so they could catch a race?

"I bet that's a helluva conversation I'm sure Blake is wondering if Pitbull knows where to get a drink LOL I'd drink a cold one with them," one fan wrote on Twitter. There were several NASCAR fans that didn't understand why the two singers were spending time together while others didn't care. They just wanted to hear the topics of conversation.

"That will be a fun duet...when they recording?" one curious fan asked on Twitter. Some fans were expecting a new song to be debuted in the near future. What they didn't know is that the two singers already worked on a collaboration.

Pitbull released a song called "Get Ready" in mid-February, which just happened to feature Shelton on guest vocals. There was also an accompanying music video released that showed them partying "with a bevy of women at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida and at a ranch in Nashville, Tennessee."

Shelton spoke about his time working with Pitbull in a behind-the-scenes video, revealing that he was "honored" to work with the Cuban-American singer.

"This to me is like when Run-DMC and Aerosmith did 'Walk This Way,'" Shelton said in the video.

While the previous collaboration explains why the two singers were spending time together, the fans still wanted to know why they were at a NASCAR event. One Twitter user theorized that "Get Ready" is going to be used for as the theme song for future races when NBC takes over coverage in June. Although that has not been revealed as the FanShield 500 draws near.

Regardless of the reason for the two singers hanging out, the NASCAR fans were both entertained and confused by the latest update. Shelton and Pitbull are an unlikely pair, but they were enjoying their time together on the red carpet.

(Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)