Emmitt Smith Reveals Favorite Super Bowl Memories Ahead of Big Game (Exclusive)

Super Bowl LVII is less than a month away, and Emmitt Smith knows all about this time of year. When he was playing with the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s, the Pro Football Hall of Fame running back led the team to three Super Bowl titles and was named MVP of Super Bowl XXVIII. PopCulture.com spoke exclusively to Smith who revealed his favorite Super Bowl moments. 

"I would say walking onto the field in my very first Super Bowl and standing in the end zone as I come through the tunnel with Michael Irvin and standing there and looking around and soaking that in," Smith exclusively told PopCulture. "Because we played in the Rose Bowl in our very first Super Bowl, but six years prior to that, I found myself sitting in the stands in the Rose Bowl watching the New York Giants play against the Denver Broncos. And I told my best friend, one of these days I want to play in the Super Bowl and I want to play in this stadium. Six years later, I'm standing on the field and my best friend is sitting up in the stands watching me playing my very first Super Bowl in the Rose Bowl. And it was the last time a Super Bowl was played in that stadium."

The Cowboys defeated Buffalo Bills in that game 52-17 and Smith rushed for 108 yards and one score in the win. But in the following year, Smith put on a show in the Super Bowl, rushing for 132 yards and two scores in the win against the Bills and was named Super Bowl MVP, which was another one of Smith's favorite moments. 

"It was a magical season and it took a lot to get there," Smith said. We started the season off 0-2. I missed the first two games of the season because of contract negotiations with Mr. [Jerry] Jones. And then we went on a run and the last game of the season against the New York Giants up here in New York, I tore my should up and it was a pretty significant injury. But made it through the playoff, got to the Super Bowl, and I went end up winning MVP of the Super Bowl that year. Also MVP of the National Football League that year too."

Smith will be at this year's Super Bowl in a different capacity as he has partnered up with Bounty to promote tackling the mess of eating chicken wings. He and Rob Gronkowski will be at Super Bowl Radio Row Feb. 9-12 to share why Bounty is a must-have while eating wings. 

"It was a natural fit because I've been tackling mess all my whole entire life, trying to avoid tacklers trying to tackle me, trying to make things happen," Smith said. "And so when you have a sporting event and you have a big weekend coming up like we do this weekend coming up, obviously you going to have great food around it. You going to have people ordering wings, people ordering dips and everything else. And that right there's a recipe for a big mess for somebody. And so if you going to have a mess and you going to have wings, you can't have wings without football and you can't have wings without Bounty. So why not have Bounty at the table to clean up some of the mess that somebody's going to make in your house?"