Eli Manning Reveals What He Texted Tom Brady After Buccaneers Won Super Bowl

When Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win in February, Eli Manning sent him [...]

When Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl win in February, Eli Manning sent him a message. Manning is the guy who prevented Brady from winning nine Super Bowls, but when the former New York Giants quarterback spoke to Sports Illustrated about what he texted Brady after the big win, he said he was "impressed" how Brady was able to put everything together.

"Yeah, I sent Tom a text just congratulating him and really just saying how not surprised but impressed with what he was able to do this year with Tampa, changing teams, shortened season, lock out and pandemic, everything going on," Manning told Sports Illustrated as reported by PEOPLE. "To still learn a brand new offense and make those adjustments and go win a championship is pretty spectacular," he added. "I've known Tom a long time and I just wanted him to know that I was impressed, along with a lot of other people."

Manning led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins, and both victories were against Brady when he was with the New England Patriots. The first came in 2007 when the Giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NFL history. Manning was named Super Bowl MVP after beating a Patriots team that was undefeated. The second came during the 2011 season. Manning won his second Super Bowl MVP award after leading the Giants to a game-winning touchdown drive in the fourth quarter.

The reason Manning isn't surprised about Brady's Super Bowl run is he went to nine Super Bowls as a member of the Patriots. With the addition of Brady, which occurred in March 2020, the Buccaneers were able to turn things around after going 7-9 in 2019.

"I think they're all special," Brady said after Super Bowl when asked which championship season is his favorite. "This has been an amazing year. We got off to a good start – 7-2 – and then had a little rough stretch where we found our identity. Played a lot better football in December and January. Just really proud of all the guys. Proud of all the coaches and the effort we put in. We knew we were playing a great football team tonight and we got the job done. You want to get this far, you've got to get the job done and we did it."