Eli Manning Reveals His Next Major Project

Eli Manning is getting into the football broadcasting world after retiring from the NFL at the end [...]

Eli Manning is getting into the football broadcasting world after retiring from the NFL at the end of the 2019 season. Manning announced on Monday he will be the host of the new show on ESPN+ called Eli's Places, which will focus on the most memorable moments of college football. Manning talked about the show on the ESPN+ show Peyton Places hosted by his brother Peyton Manning. Eli Manning said Eli's Places will begin streaming ESPN+ next fall.

Back in September, Manning told The Big Lead that he was interested in being involved in sports broadcasting. "No, nothing official, no official asks and I really haven't reached out and I wouldn't be interested in making that commitment as well," Manning said when asked any networks reached out to him. "I think it's really a time to, not be adventurous, but dabble in a few different fields and see what interest is there from both sides."

At the time, Manning indicated he wasn't interested in broadcasting but didn't completely rule it out. "I'm still just kind of feeling all that out and I think that's how I wanted to use this year is to try a few things, not make any decisions too quickly and rush into anything," Manning stated. "I think that's kind of the worst thing I could is to rush into something and be committed into something that I'm really not passionate about and don't love doing."

Eli's Places will likely follow the same blueprint as Peyton Places except it will be about college football. Peyton's Places is currently in its second season and has been renewed for a third. Peyton Manning gives fans a closer look at the history of the NFL while talking to some of the league's most legendary players. He has even talked to notable celebrities such as Jay Leno, David Letterman, and Kurt Russell.

"Peyton's Places is a history project that became a passion project," Manning said in a press release in December. "There's so many fascinating things about football history that people just don't know and I'm looking forward to bringing it to ESPN+." When Peyton's Places was renewed for a third season, it was also announced that Eli Manning would have his own project for ESPN+. Additionally, Abby Wambach (soccer), Ronda Rousey (combat sports) and David Ortiz (baseball) will have their own shows for the network.