Dwyane Wade Just Got Dissed by Aaron Gordon

With the NBA season postponed, several of the league's biggest stars are spending their time working on various business pursuits or taking online classes. Orlando Magic star Aaron Gordon, on the other hand, has been working on many creative projects. This includes his music and a Dwyane Wade diss track called "9 OUT OF 10."

Gordon released the song on Monday, which referenced the controversial 2020 Slam Dunk Contest. Gordon dunked over Chance the Rapper twice during the February contest added in multiple 360-degree, between-the-leg slams. His performance led to a "dunk-off" with Miami's Derrick Rose Jr., which required dunks that hadn't been rehearsed. Gordon showed off his leaping ability during a final dunk in which he cleared 7-foot-6 Tacko Fall, but he ultimately lost due to a score of 47.

Wade's score of nine was one of the deciding factors as he fell to Rose by a single point. Hall of Fame forward Scottie Pippen and actor Chadwick Boseman also handed out 9s to finish the competition. Gordon reacted by telling ESPN that he would not be taking part in another dunk contest.

"It's expressive. It's an art form," Gordon said when asked about his diss track. "It's a way to tap into my creativity, and that's really what I've been doing off the court. Finding out who I am without basketball and going through different things. Doing my painting, my reading my writing, my music.

"This was something that had a huge impact on my life and was easy to talk about, and I just wanted to share with the world [that] everybody has been talking about the 9 out of 10, the 9 out of 10," Gordon continued. "No matter where it was posted. Whether D-Wade posted something, or I posted something, it was going to be 9 out of 10."


While this was a diss track aimed at the former Miami Heat star, Wade did not take it as such. He responded by referencing how his score impacted Gordon. He also gave him some advice about branding.

"He should trademark 9/10. Make some money off of it. That's free advice that I won't charge him for it. (You know since I costed him a Mill)," Wade wrote on Twitter after hearing the track. He also pointed out that Gordon was drinking some of his signature wine in the video.