Drew Brees Teases Return to Broadcasting, Eyeing Popular Show

Drew Brees is taking a break from broadcasting to spend more time with his family. But it looks like the former New Orleans Saints quarterback could return to the booth or studio very soon. While appearing on the AP Pro Football Podcast, Brees revealed that going back to broadcasting is a legitimate possibility. 

"I definitely feel like I walked away with a pretty good skill set if I choose to go back and do it," Brees said, per ESPN. "I think the world by which the fans consume the game is also changing. I think you see a lot of these alternative broadcasts that are taking place. ... It's really kind of an interesting way to watch the game and hear the game and learn about the game."

Brees went on to say he would love to do something to what Peyton and Eli Manning are doing with ManningCast. "From my perspective, I just watch a game totally different than probably most people," he said. "It's hard to just sit back and watch it as a fan. You're so analytical with everything. You put yourself in the moment at all times. And I think that's a really interesting perspective for fans to hear. I look forward to finding ways that that can be communicated in a much more in-depth way that's kind of outside the norm or what is like the typical formula for broadcasting a game."

Brees worked for NBC last year after retiring from the NFL once the 2020 season came to an end. He was in the studio most Sundays for Football Night in America and was an analyst for Notre Dame football games with Mike Tirico. "I definitely got exposed to a lot in a short amount of time and I learned a ton," Brees said. "I think the group at NBC is absolutely first class and the best in the business and being able to have a chance to work with guys like Mike Tirico and Tony Dungy and Maria Taylor and that group on a daily basis was just awesome. So, I really enjoyed that and valued that time. I chose not to do that this year just because it did take up every weekend in the fall for me." 


Brees, 43 played for the San Diego Chargers from 2001-2005 before joining the Saints in 2006. In his 20-year career, Brees was selected to the Pro Bowl, 13 times, led the NFL in passing yards seven seasons, was named to the All-Pro Team four times and led the Saints to the Super Bowl title during the 2009 season.