Donald Trump Calls NFL 'Boring as Hell' During Sunday Night Rally

The NFL returned in full force on Sunday afternoon and into the night, creating excitement among fans at home. One person, however, was not particularly overjoyed about the action on the field — President Donald Trump. He said that the NFL was "boring as hell."

Trump made the comments during a Sunday night rally in Henderson, Nevada. During the rally, he talked about Democratic nominee Joe Biden, UFC President Dana White and the NFL among other topics. He also said that people now want events scheduled during football games due to "having some free time." Interestingly enough, Henderson is actually the home city of the NFL's Las Vegas Raiders.

"What do we have? Football's boring as hell," Trump said. "It's just not the same. It used to be people would say, 'hey, can you keep [events] away from a football game?' Now they say, 'could you possibly do it during a football game? We have some free time.'"

When Trump made these comments about football, several Twitter users weighed in and started arguments with each other. Some said that the president previously called for football to return in order to use it as a campaign slogan. Others said that Trump is correct in his statements about the NFL. These Twitter users said that the players ruined the sport.

"It is now, because they've ruined it. They've tainted the whole product by inserting political activism into game broadcasts. Not nearly as fun to watch now. And millions aren't," one person tweeted. This statement followed a day of NFL action in which players called for racial equality with their cleats, helmet decals, pregame shirts and actions. Some kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality while others remained in the locker room to avoid the "roll call" on social media.


NFL fans noticed the various demonstrations during Week 1, and some expressed appreciation for the gestures. They praised the Seahawks and Falcons for kneeling during the opening kickoff while others criticized the players. Twitter users continued to sound off about the "political statements" in football while still tuning in for the games.

Trump previously said that he would boycott the NFL if the players kneel during the national anthem. He did not specifically say if he followed through with this proclamation during Week 1, but he still made strong statements about the action on the field. He simply said that it's boring.