Diamond Dallas Page Reveals Family Member Has COVID-19

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page recently revealed that COVID-19 has impacted his family. He published a YouTube video and explained that he had troubling symptoms and underwent a coronavirus test. His results came back negative, but a family member living in his house tested positive.

As Page explained, the family member recently attended a bridal shower where no one wore masks. Seven of the 16 women tested positive for the coronavirus after the event. Page said that he felt he had symptoms of the virus, including a raspy voice, trouble sleeping and severe back pain. However, the test came back negative, which surprised his doctor due to Page having the symptoms for more than two weeks.

"Bottom line is, [girlfriend] Paige came home, [daughter] Brittany had no symptoms for days," Page said. "But around the second or third day, I started feeling sick. Then Paige was feeling sick and then we thought, 'Woah, is this COVID?' because the mind's gonna go right to that, and where could that even have come from? Not even thinking about the bridal shower. We don't even know that anyone else is sick yet."

Additionally, Page also spoke about AEW performer QT Marshall, who came in direct contact with someone that had the coronavirus. The promotion pulled him from a late-June episode of AEW: Dynamite as a precaution and kept him away from other performers. He has not appeared for the promotion ever since. Page confirmed that Marshall had tested positive for the coronavirus despite having minor symptoms.


"I call up QT, who's one of the wrestlers at AEW because he left me a message, and I heard he had COVID," Page said about Marshall. "He tells me 20 days ago he was tested. He's got COVID. He had 3 days of symptoms, nothing after that. His wife Caroline, she came back negative, she's had one symptom after another, from throwing up to freezing to everything. He got another test today that says that he's still positive."

Page closed the video by calling for everyone to wear masks and practice social distancing. He said that it's simply for everyone's sake. Following these guidelines will help protect everyone during this stressful period of time. Finally, the Hall of Famer asked people to be good to each other. He said that dealing with the symptoms "kicked his a—" and that he doesn't want anyone else to go through the same symptoms.