Dennis Rodman Praying for Kim Jong-Un Amid Deathbed Reports

Dennis Rodman is hoping Kim Jong-Un will be okay. The former NBA star recently talked to TMZ about Jong-Un's health, as he's reportedly on his deathbed. Rodman spent time with the 36-year old North Korean leader in 2013, and later brought NBA players to North Korea in 2014 for an exhibition game. It's been reported Jong-Un recently had a cardiovascular procedure, and now he's in "grave danger."

"I hope it's just a rumor that Marshal Kim Jong-Un is sick, Rodman told TMZ. "Hopefully I will find out more soon. There is still so much work we have to do between both the USA and DPRK. If he is not feeling well, I am praying for his speedy recovery, so that both my friends [President Trump & Marshal Kim] can continue towards a peaceful success." The last time Dennis Rodman visited North Korea was in 2017.

If Jong-Un, there will be along of questions when it comes to North Korea's leadership. As for Rodman, he's back in the spotlight due to the release of the ESPN docuseries, The Last Dance, which talks about Michael Jordan's final year with the Chicago Bulls. Rodman was on the Bulls from 1995-1998, and the team won the NBA Championship all three seasons he was there. Rodman came to the Bulls from the San Antonio Spurs via trade. In a recent interview on ESPN's First Take, Rodman shared his thoughts on the trade.


"I'm coming in kind of hot because San Antonio just got rid of me for, pretty much for nobody; Will Perdue straight up, and I'm like 'What the hell is this all about?' So they say Dennis you're going to Chicago," Rodman said. The trade worked out as Rodman provided the toughness the Bulls needed to win three more titles. He led the NBA in rebounds each year in Chicago, and with the success he had with the Detroit Pistons earlier in his career, Rodman retired from the game with five championships rings.

In 2011, Rodman was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. During his speech, Rodman said: "I'm not like most of you guys who sit there and say, 'When I make money in the NBA, I'm gonna take care of my mother and my father.' I was too selfish for that, because of what she did to me in my life."