Daytona 500: President Trump's 'Happy President's Day' Tweet Gets People Chirping After NASCAR Appearance

The third Monday in February is a holiday used to celebrate George Washington's birthday, but it has since become known as Presidents Day. The 2020 iteration takes place the day after Donald Trump served as the grand marshal for the since-delayed Daytona 500. He celebrated the holiday by tweeting "HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY!" This sparked a vast number of responses, including many that were less than positive.

Following this post on Monday, thousands of Twitter users commented with mix of support and criticism. Some of the supporters wanted to thank Trump for his term in office and expressed hope that he would be victorious in the upcoming election.

"Happy presidents day! May you continue to be my favorite president for 4 years! 2024 all the way," a supporter of Trump wrote in response to his tweet on Monday.

There were many users on social media that wanted to send well-wishes the day after Trump's appearance at Daytona International Speedway. Others, however, wanted to point out a grammatical error in the president's tweet.

"Seriously if WE'RE not letting PEOPLE in America who don't understand English - either LEARN it yourself or move to Canada," one angry user wrote in response to the tweet. "At LEAST look at a calendar when posting about holidays. PRESIDENTS Day not PRESIDENT'S Day."

There were many users on social media that wanted to clarify that the apostrophe should not have been used in the tweet. They said that this holiday is meant to celebrate the lives and birthdays of all presidents, not just one. Although there were some critics that didn't want to celebrate the past presidential term.

"It's been weird not having a president* to celebrate over the last couple of years. #PresidentsDay" one individual commented on social media. This was a common response among those that don't want Trump to be president for a second term.

The president was greeted with chants of "four more years" during his appearance at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday afternoon. Those in attendance at the NASCAR event were excited to see Trump give a speech and tell the drivers to start their engines.


One day later, however, various users on Twitter were far less positive about his presidency. There were many comments that went in a very negative direction, including many in which users called for Trump to leave the Oval Office before the upcoming election.

(Photo Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)