Danica Patrick Opens up About Wedding Plans With Aaron Rodgers

Danica Patrick is very happy right now as she's in a strong relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. But now the question is when are they getting married? The former NASCAR star was asked that question by Jenny McCarthy on SirusXM Radio and she was a little hesitant to answer. However, Patrick said she and Rodgers are just going with the flow.

"That's one of those things," Patrick said. "You can't be attached to something going a certain way. If you really want something to happen, there's that equal energy of being afraid that it's not going to happen. You just have to let it go and be like 'Well, am I having fun today? Yup. Then life's good.'"

It looks like Patrick and Rodgers aren't tying the not anytime soon. However, fans will get a glimpse of their relationship in the near future as Patrick will have Rodgers on as a guest for her Pretty Intense podcast. Patrick is excited to have her boyfriend on the podcast, but it's also going to be very intimidating for her.

"Obviously, I know him so well," Patrick said per People Now. "Where do we go with the conversation? What do you want to talk about? What do you not want to talk about? But more than anything, he's so intelligent that he would expect for me to be prepared just like if it was any other guest... He loves the deep conversation and he loves intelligent people."

She went on to say that she will be nervous about interviewing him.


"I'm most nervous to interview Aaron," she added. "I put a lot of pressure on myself for each interview to be amazing. Aaron makes me nervous because I don't know where to start and he's also so smart that I want to keep up with that."

Right now, Patrick is focused on her podcast and supporting Rodgers as he having a memorable 2019 season. The Packers have a 7-2 record after nine games and Rodgers is playing his best football to date. In the team's nine games, Rodgers has completed 65 percent of his passes and has thrown for 2,485 yards 17 touchdowns, two interceptions and has posted a passer rating of 104.4. If Rodgers continues to play well and reach the Super Bowl, maybe the next step for him is to pop the question to Patrick.