Danica Patrick Reveals Apple-Picking Photo With Boyfriend Aaron Rodgers

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers continue to be one of the most popular sports couples despite [...]

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers continue to be one of the most popular sports couples despite Patrick being retired from racing. This past weekend, the two got to spend some time together since Rodgers, who is the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, did not have a game to play since his team played on Thursday night. So that led to Patrick and Rodgers spending their Sunday at what appears to be an apple orchard picking apples for the fall. Patrick shared a photo on Instagram of the two picking apples with the caption saying," It's that time of year!!!! Apple pie, apple crisp, apple chips, apple sauce, apple chutney, apple slaw, apple juice, diced apples, sliced apples, topped with apples... ya, I think that's about it."

That led to several fans commenting on the photo. One person said, "You two are the absolute cutest." Another fan said, "Yasssssss Danica, all about the apples and that Rodgers. There was a Philadephia Eagles fan who decided to comment on the photo, saying, "Good game! You had us on the run right up to the last seconds !! But beat down wooop wooop!!! "YUP" "EAGLES FAN" !!!! Till the next game."

Speaking of Packers games, Patrick has shown her support for the Packers as she showed off photos of her attending a game against the Denver Broncos with her family and friends. And she's so supportive of Rodgers she attended a practice during the summer.

"When in Green Bay, do as the green bayians do," Patrick wrote in an Instagram post. "Full house of fans for practice today. [Erin Foley Buntin] and crew were with me too in the jam-packed family section! The team works so hard, as I have come to see first hand. Between practices and meetings, it's more than a full-time job when in season. It's nice to see him doing his thing, looking sharp and hot. The temp was pretty high too!"

As Rodgers is currently trying to lead the Packers to a Super Bowl, Patrick has been busy with her podcast which launched last month. As she was promoting the podcast, she revealed that Rodgers will be a guest in the near future.

"It's almost harder to interview somebody you know really well, because you don't know where to start," she said when talking to E! News. "There's also that fine line of what do we talk about and what shouldn't we talk about, right? Because it's not like we're just going to let you just look at our life for a week in-depth and know everything, ins and outs, and tell you everything."