Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Goes off on Radio Hosts, Dropped From Live Interview After Cursing

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not a happy man right now. On Thursday night, his team lost to the Chicago Bears and they are now 6-7 on the year. Jones went on a local radio station to talk about the game and asked if he was embarrassed about the 31-24 loss, which led him to go off on the hosts.

"Hey, get your damn act together yourself," Jones said Friday morning on 105.3 The Fan per USA Today. "We're going to have a good visit this morning but settle down just a little bit. We have a lot to go over, go on with your questions, but I'm going to give you the answers I want to give you this morning and I don't like your attitude to come in. I've been traveling all night and I don't have the patience to jack with you today."

The interview did not get any better as Jones was cursing so many times he had to be dropped from the live radio interview. Jones did call back and he said as the general manager he takes responsibility for the team's issues.

"A GM gets his GM anger," he said. "But you're great, guys. Give your anger. … When you have as many things that were off kilter as we had last night, you have a nice litany of many places to start to correct."

Jones also snapped when he asked about the kicking situation. The hosts asked why kicker Brett Maher is still on the roster as he has missed 10 kicks this year.

"I'm giving you my answer," Jones said, before saying there aren't kickers on the market. "You go ahead and ask your questions, and I'll give you my answers this morning."

As bad as things are for Jones and the Cowboys, they are not out of the playoff race. They are a half-game behind the Philadelphia Eagles for the NFC East title and they will face each other on Dec. 22. But even if the Cowboys make into the postseason, can they make a run?


Based on how the team has looked the last three weeks, it's unlikely they will make it to the Super Bowl even if they win the division. Jones could be making a lot of changes to his staff once the season comes to an end.