Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier: McGregor Speaks out After Suffering KO at UFC 257 Last Night

Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor faced off during the main event of UFC 257 on Saturday night, a rematch of their previous bout from 2014. Poirier won the fight with a second-round knockout and sent his opponent home disappointed. McGregor has since responded and teased a third fight in the series.

"Thanks for the support everyone! Was not my night/morning in there but a great contest to improve on," McGregor wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. "I’m excited at the blockbuster trilogy I now have on my hands. Dustin is a hell of a competitor and I look forward to going again. Elevating the leg and the spirit on my way home! God bless us all, happy Sunday

McGregor was not the only fighter expressing interest in a third bout. Poirier also touched on the subject during his post-victory press conference. He looked forward to the future and said that he would match skills with McGregor again. He also threw out a challenge to another fighter in Nate Diaz, who last fought in November 2019.

"A rematch with Conor interests me," Poirier said after the fight. "Always wanted to whip Nate Diaz’s a—. That interests me. In fighting, I’m sure something will make sense. But just right now, I don’t … me and Conor are 1-1. Nate Diaz got away and likes to talk a lot of s— online. I just gotta go back home, and we’ll see."


Will McGregor ultimately return to the octagon and face off with Poirier? He teased this outcome on social media after suffering the loss, but Dana White said that the Irishman could do one of two things. He would either come back hungry after the loss or he would walk away. White said that he ultimately didn't know what McGregor would do, but he saw only two potential outcomes in the high-profile fight's immediate aftermath.

"I’ll certainly regroup. I’ll regroup and pick myself up, get up off the floor and go again," McGregor said about his future after the fight. "Styles make fights. There’s many great stylistic matchups out there. Myself and Dustin are 1-and-1. Myself and Nate [Diaz] are 1-and-1. There’s many good matchups for me. … It wasn’t my night. It wasn’t a great night, but no excuses. Hats off. I’ll regroup and pick myself up."