Conor McGregor Struck by Car While Biking: 'I Could Have Been Dead'

Conor McGregor just survived a scary moment. The UFC star went to Instagram to reveal that he was hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle. He posted a video of the damaged bike in the middle of the road and said he was hit from behind after the "driver couldn't see me" due to the glare of the sun coming around the corner. McGregor was able to protect himself as soon as he hit the ground. 

"Got a bang of a car just now from behind," McGregor wrote in an Instagram post. "A sun trap, the driver couldn't see me. Full speed straight thru me. Thank you God, it wasn't my time. Thank you wrestling and judo also. Having an awareness on the landing saved my life." In the video, McGregor said, "I could have been dead there, mate, look!!" and "Jesus Christ ... I think I got away with my life, there."  

The driver of the vehicle, Nick, was shaken by the encounter and said he "couldn't see a thing." McGregor didn't seem to be angry about the accident as he asked Nick to put the damaged bike in the trunk of the vehicle and give him a ride home. The accident comes nearly two years after McGregor broke his leg in a match against Dustin Poirier. McGregor hasn't competed in the match since then, but it looks like he could be getting back into UFC action as he's been offered a coaching spot in the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. 

"This is a snap from the original ultimate fighter house. Where I coached vs urijah faber. This photo was just before the show tho," McGregor wrote in an Instagram post. "It was right before I won my first world title beating urijah team mate chad mendes around. I then went on to coach the famous fight show straight after the fight. With a big black eye and a gash, my tricolor, and my new and first ever ufc gold belt, I waltzed into the notorious fight gym in Las Vegas. The slickest suits and shouts the show had ever seen before. On top of the silverware. And I coached my team to victory. Crazy. Some journey. I have just been offered to coach this role again. I like it. It is full immersion that is needed. I see fighters lining up. I know what's ahead I been ready motherf—."