Conor McGregor Celebrates Election Day With Unique Write-in Candidate

The 2020 presidential election has arrived, prompting millions of Americans to head to the polls to support President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor is also celebrating Election Day, albeit in his own way. He is promoting a write-in candidate that he says is for all voters — at least those of legal drinking age.

McGregor posted a photo on Instagram Tuesday that showed a very different Oval Office. It showed McGregor sitting on an end table while a very different president sat in the most powerful chair in the country. Specifically, McGregor showed a giant bottle of his Proper 12 Irish Whiskey sitting behind the desk. "Proper for President! [One For All] [Proper Whiskey]" the fighter wrote in the caption of his post.

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When fans saw McGregor's post, they responded by making proclamations about which candidate would win the election on Tuesday. Some called for four more years of the current president, writing, "Trump 2020" in the comments. Others said that Biden is the best choice for the country moving forward.

McGregor is not eligible to vote in the election as an Irish citizen, but he will still pay attention to the outcome on Tuesday. Many people around the world are focusing on the United States and how the voters will lean after two debates. There are millions of guesses on Twitter, as well as many more arguments between supporters of both sides.

When he hasn't been supporting his write-in candidate for President of the United States, McGregor has been turning heads on social media. He conducted a Q&A session on Sunday and fielded questions about his time on a yacht and a potential return to the octagon. Specifically, McGregor addressed a rumored rematch with Dustin Poirier, saying that he plans on improving his performance during the second outing.


"I will aim to not only improve on the time I beat him in previously, but the shot I slept him with also!" McGregor tweeted. "Poirier is a hell of a fighter, but I’m McGregor." The two men previously faced off in a featherweight fight in 2014, and the Irishman defeated his opponent in less than two minutes.

McGregor technically retired from the UFC in early June, seemingly ending his career for the third time. However, he has continued training. UFC President Dana White also told reporters after Saturday's fight night that the McGregor-Poirier bout is a "done deal."